What services and products do you supply
We organise our business into 3 areas: Event Lighting, Specialist Lighting and Smart Home Solutions. The sections below give a brief summary of some of the products and services for each area. As much of work is custom developed we relish taking on new challenges and opportunities so don't hesitate to call if you have a project in mind.

Event Lighting
We design and manufacture event lighting exhibits and control systems:
Christmas Lighting Exhibits
Event Lighting Exhibits
Soundstage Systems
Interactive Exhibits

Our Event Lighting Business is manager under our 'Showlights' Brand.
Our Showlights Event Lighting exhibits are available to Hire or Buy at
We also offer custom design services to create unique interactive exhibits at
Specialist Lighting
We design and Manufacture specialist lighting systems for bespoke interiors including
'theLightSky' Star Ceilings

Smart Home Solutions
We design, and Install products including:
Home Cinema
Multi-Room Audio
Multi-room AV distribution
Dali base Scene Set Lighting
iPad smart-home control solutions
'Vantage' custom control drivers and specialist solutions

Are you UK based only?
While we are based in the UK we work with clients, companies and suppliers from around the world.
What is Vantage?
Vantage is a control solution for homes, yachts and businesses' offering state of the art luxury control solutions. The system integrates lighting, AV, Audio, Heating, Blinds, CCTV and Access Control.
We custom design drivers to integrate Vantage in our system solutions.

See www.vantagecontrols.com for more information
Do Piquant Design provide computer networking systems or support
No. While we use networking and computer systems in our solutions, we collaborate with 3rd party IT support professionals to define the operating requirements for equipment and to manage the access and privilege rights of users of our systems to ensure data integrity and security.