Piquant was founded in 2007 by Steve Dye, an engineer and technologist and former Vice President of a NASDAQ listed hi-tech company. The business was founded with the goal to enhance customer experience of technology in the home, business and public spaces.

Our initial work focused in the home integrating multiroom audio, AV solutions, implementing scene-set lighting and control. We were early adopters of LED lighting technology and iPad control of the home with our custom control software solutions.

Our commercial work began developing and installing fixed installations to enhance the customer experience of collecting a new car with our Handover Experience solutions. The technology we developed for these systems we further developed in our Paparazzi Red Carpet Experience and a number of interactive media exhibits.

As developers and technologists, our work and assistance is sought by 3rd party companies and we provide consulting, technical solutions and product design services as part of our growing portfolio.

Our specialist software and control system knowledge led to the development of our building facilities management solutions. We developed these solutions to provide a cohesive overall solution for facility and business management.

Our custom installation team continue to focus on integrating the latest AV, Audio and Lighting technologies in the home and commercial buildings. We continue to provide customised control and facilities management solutions including cloud service integration.

Our creative talent developing bespoke lighting solutions includes Digital Star Ceilings, Interactive Dancefloors and large pixel based Christmas Lighting shows with many tens of thousands of lighting control channels.

We pride ourselves in our technology allowing us to engineer unique solutions working with clients, partner companies, curators and talented people worldwide.