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We are lighting and media specialists serving the events, retail and smart home industries

Event Lighting

Our ShowLights™ division and sister company Hypericon Ltd develop and supply state-of-the-art event lighting solutions including our wide range of popular festive and special event lighting exhibits.

For more information on our events business and exhibits, go to www.showlights.design

Smart Home Systems

We develop control solutions and system designs for smart home AV and Lighting systems. Our control systems are fully customisable to meet the specific control needs and personalisation for discerning clients.

Experiential Systems

We develop Lighting and Media Systems to enhance customer experiences of home interiors, showrooms, events and attractions.

Our TheLightSky™ large format star ceilings are an example of an immersive lighting system to simulate the night sky with thousands of stars.

Some of Our Work

Cinema Star Ceiling

A Home Cinema with a stunning 'TheLightSky' full custom digital star ceiling composed of over 5000 stars.

Cinema Star Ceiling

Peter Vardy car Store

A supermarket sized car dealership. The amazing 20-screen customer experience is powered by Piquant Media, Lighting and Customer Experience Management Systems.


Peter Vardy 'CarStore'

Landscape Control

A Landscape Lighting Control Screen forming part of a large lighting control scheme. Includes direct light level and colour control as well as scene store/recall functions.

Lighting Control

Sytner Mini

Equipped with a unique Piquant 'Red Carpet' Customer Experience System to make collecting a new car a day to remember.


Sytner Mini

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